Blade signs

A blade sign is a type of projecting sign that is mounted on a building facade or storefront pole that is perpendicular to the normal flow of traffic. These signs are one of the most effective ways of attracting foot traffic into your establishment.

Blade Signs are extremely effective for any business because they come in a vast range of options regarding materials, design layout, placement and finishes. Some things to consider before choosing a blade sign are what kind of surface will it be attached to (it needs to be strong enough to support the sign), and how far will it extend from the wall because projection is extremely important. Once you determine the size and projection of the sign you can then start thinking about the design. 

Blade Signs are usually used by most indoor retailers (take a look at any Mall) because they understand that signs must serve as a visual path for their customers. Without a perpendicular sign, customers will probably walk past your business without noticing you.

Here at Casanova Signs we are experts in taking these factors into consideration before we start any of our designs. Contact us now and let us enhance your establishment by designing the perfect Blade Sign for you today!