Channel letters

Channel Letters are custom-made metal or plastic letters commonly used for exterior signage on public or commercial buildings, they’re usually internally illuminated. Channel Letters can be directly mounted into any building’s facade or they also can be attached to a raceway or wireway, these are structures that serve as a container for the sign’s electrical components (power supply) and also as mounting structures.

This kind of electrical signage can truly be an attractive and compelling asset for any business. The fundamental difference between channel letters and other signage types is that channel letters are dimensional. Each letter is individually formed, and has its own separate enclosure. The letters (usually made of acrylic) can be painted with a custom color or as the client wishes. This can be either a logo color or an attractive contrast to the face color. The channel is typically constructed of aluminum, but steel is also used. Aluminum is also a viable option, as it is both lightweight and does not rust over time.

Channel letters are typically illuminated with LED lights and non-illuminated channel letters could also be an option (not very commonly used). They are less common than illuminated letters but are perfectly appropriate for certain applications. Our channel letters come in a wide range of fonts and sizes and we can also fabricate custom fonts and logos. We’re experts in this kind of signage, that’s why we only use high quality material in each and every single one of our products, guaranteeing a lifetime durability, you won’t have to worry about your channel letters (maybe a little maintenance once in a while, we offer that service too).

A channel letters sign is the perfect solution if you’re looking to enhance your brand and have more presence. Make the right kind of first impression with this modern signage and capture people’s attention at first glance. Contact us today for more information regarding our products and services, let us turn your vision into reality!