Monument & Pole Signs

These highly versatile signs make contact with the ground but aren’t attached to buildings or structures. The uses are limitless; they can be anchored to the ground in front of a business or 60 feet in the air next to the highway. They can be non-lit, illuminated, or used as message centers. Freestanding signs are used for identification, location or enhancement and sometimes for all three. Stationary signs can be used to further a company’s brand or re-invent it. Monument and pole signs can be used for retail, properties, services and identification.

Monument & Pole signs can be used to replace billboards. Message centers may be added to create an interactive media station. Many retail outlets, including big box stores, groceries and others, use them for call to actions such as announcing this week’s specials. These types of signs are differentiated by size, but they have similar purposes to other kinds of signage. The beauty of freestanding signs, whether monument, pylon or pole, can be found in how they recognize and enhance the organization they identify.

Pole, monument signs and other permanent commercial signage offer an importance and relevancy not seen other types of signage. They clearly establish a building or location as an institution, something to be trusted. And because monument and pylon signs typically like perpendicular to a busy road or intersection, you can be sure that passersby won't miss your business as they drive by, focused on heading elsewhere. Pole and monument signs are also a great choice for property owners as well. Most small businesses will be more eager to choose a location that helps them advertise themselves as much as possible. When it comes to commercial signage, Casanova Signs is your best resource. If you’d like to learn more about our products and services, contact us and feel free to ask.