Glass signs

We create glass signs in all shapes, sizes and colors, as well as thicknesses and sandblast effects, depending on the desired look and type of sign. Glass signs are perfcet to convey a sense of timeless quality, aesthetic harmony and visual brilliance wich will unify and smarten any building. There are different processess to create glass signs and all of our custom glass signs started with etching or frosting on either the face of the sign or the reverse side. Even the finest text and logos are crystal clear and the result is a sign that doubles as a piece of high-end artwork. Glass Signs express high-class elegance. The casual observer will notice the glass display, balanced with the proportion of the architecture. With the advances in glass technology, this (once very expensive) material, became affordable. It’s impervious to weathering, lustrous looking and it offers such flexibility in techniques. It truly is a wonderful substrate! Our etched glass signs can also be edge-lit with low-voltage LED lights and all can be easily installed onto any wall surface and we offer a wide variety of options including: - Paint-filling: Custom, metallic and metallic PMS colors (paint filling isn’t available for edge-lit signs) - Glass: Clear, starfire glass or jade glass with a greenish hue - Frosted background for added visual interest - Edge-lit LED illumination with white or RBB colored lights - Metal rails or stand-off hardware - Edging: Flame-polished (included) or beveled edges for an additional charge - Raised metal lettering assembled to your sign’s face - Related Product: Frosted glass vinyl decals Acrylic and glass are some of the most unique materials for signage. Vinyl decoration and text can be applied to give the feeling of high-class elegance and available in any size. Unlike other material signs, glass signs are mounted with brushed steel bracket and acrylic signs are typically mounted directly on the wall. There is no architectural material that is more versatile and beautiful than glass. With a stunning range of effects, fixings and production processes, glass represents the ultimate contemporary signage medium. It’s stylish, clean lines enhance interior and exterior spaces beautifully and, with intelligent lighting techniques such as LED illumination, glass creates an atmosphere that captivates attention. From small, discrete signs and displays to large directory signs and architectural signage structures, we have created high quality glass signs for corporate, retail, educational and hotel and leisure environments. If you’re looking for a reliable Sign Company to make the perfcet signage for your business, we’re the one’s you’re looking for.