Repair and maintenance

A sign’s worst enemies are time and weather. These two agents are typically responsible for making signs become faded, cracked or damaged. We specialize in sign repair, sign maintenance and sign restoration. We can get your old signs looking new again and we can also get your new signs installed. All signs have a life span, but your sign’s longevity can be greatly expanded by maintaining and repairing your signs! Newer signs are constructed to be more durable and to hold up longer with less maintenance, but older signs can need a more frequent upkeep to insure they are still valuable advertisement investments. You might even need to think about an upgrade. Sign services and sign installation are just a few of our specialties. Maintenance and repair signs reinforce proper operational procedures. Some of the many services we offer are: - Repair of existing building signs including LED, Fluorescent and Neon - Parking Lot Lighting Repair - LED Retrofits - Exterior building lighting repair - Exterior sign maintenance, cleaning and repair - Fixed cost maintenance contracts - Project Financing Our technicians are trained to provide sign repairs and maintenance on a full range of sign types. Whether it be a solution consultation, repair, routine maintenance or even an upgrade, we will provide you with a superior service and premium level of products. Your sign won’t always look as beautiful as it did the first day you got it, especially if it has to withstand the elements. That’s why in Casanova Signs we offer sign maintenance and repair services for existing and new customers. Our signage experts understand how to take care of all kinds of signs and materials. We give honest advice and services to ensure your sign lasts as long as it possibly can. If you have any questions about the sign repair work that we provide, contact us today and let us take care of your signs! We’ll make any sign look as new as when you first placed it.