Permits and engineering

Exterior Signs and graphics usually require permitting. Your local municipality, landlord, or other governmental agencies want to aware that you are installing signs, graphics, awnings, or other related effects on their building or in the ground on their property or jurisdiction. This process can be in most cases easily completed by investigating the allowances or requirements, designing compliant signage and submitting the proper information for approval. The acquisition of the necessary permits requires thorough preparation, attention to detail and a working knowledge of the sign codes involved If you have you been contemplating placing a sign on your property, you may be required to apply for and obtain a sign permit [PDF - 116 KB] prior to erecting the sign structure. Sign regulations are contained in Part 7, Division 2, of the Land Use Bylaw [PDF - 498 KB]. Our permit specialists working with other needed resources will guide you through those processes and get you the approvals you need to achieve your desired result and get the sign or graphics to satisfy your individual needs. With a survey of the sign location that you provide, our specialists will provide all the necessary forms and documents needed to secure your sign permit. We know about the complexities of sign surveys, recommendations, permits, sign acquisition and installation. Many townships now require signed and sealed licensed architect/engineer drawings for permit approval. That’s why we offer this service too. Our staff promises customer satisfaction from assisting on variances, permits and local codes to coordinating the installation of multi-location projects. We also provide personal consultation for any project.