Church Sign

The perfect Church sign can help you communicate God’s Word, upcoming events, announcements and more. Church signs provide the essential means of communication with existing & potential church members. Your religious organization can serve as a landmark for years to come! The right Church sign is the ultimate outreach tool. We offer a variety of customized outdoor changeable letter and electronic signs. Get your message out to everyone who passes by your church, 24/7.

A church’s primary sign is its first impression, the perfect opportunity to tell everyone out there who you are, what you do and inviting them to join you. What do you want the passerbyes to know about your church? How will you communicate your messages?

Highlight your church and invite people to come in. Information changes constantly, but your sign is going to be around for a while. Whether it’s made of brick, stone, marble or other material, you want it to be able to resist weather conditions and endure multiple seasons.

Church LED Signs:

Our LED signs offer your organization state-of-the-art electronic sign technology combined with the highest level of quality. If you require extraordinary outreach into the community, your LED sign will deliver, providing a communication tool designed to last for many years to come.

Church Changeable Letter Signs:

They allow you to effectively communicate with the passerbyes. Each sign comes with a locking vandal cover (preventing the theft of the letters) made of the same graffiti and UV resistant Makrolon SL. Our Glide & Lock© support system (when applicable) makes changing your message quick, easy and safe. This signs won’t fail over time, our vandal covers will always stay safely in place and you won’t have to hold the vandal cover while changing the message.

Church Identification Signs:

These signs allow you to tastefully identify your organization. Enhance your grounds  in an unique way and become a source of civic pride with a professionally designed and constructed sign.

Church Masonry-Style Signs:

The cornerstone is constructed with a solid EPS foam core and sealed for durability and strength with a thick polyurethane hardcoat. A 100% acrylic textured finish provides resistance against fading, impact and weather. These sign systems are easy to transport and install.

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced Sign Company, don’t think twice beore contacting us, we can surely help your Church look better with the perfect sign!