Restaurant Signs

Restaurant signs allow you communicate important information quickly and easily to your customers. What are you looking for? A custom-made poster? A sidewalk sign?  A lightened bulletin board? Restroom label? Find the business sign to say exactly what you want!

Restaurant signs are important for different business purposes. Chalkboards, dry-erase signs and bulletin board cabinets can all be customized to fit the desired message and tone, making them perfect for any restaurant, cafe, hotel lobby, or shop.


Restaurants tend to be more successful when they effectively use signage to attract potential customers into their locations. Customers are exposed to signage before they even see or smell the food, so it’s crucial that the right signs are used to bring people in. We offer a variety of signs for restaurants to use: advertise, promote and entice.

Parking or tabletop signs are important to mark the appropriate places for guests to go, keeping your facility organized. Consider how you can help customers navigate the facility, while also providing eye-friendly signage to help sell your food and services!


Signage is not only used as outdoor advertising, it’s also necessary for regulatory signs, including handwashing, service hours, restroom signs and other indoor messages. We offer incredible signage choices: menus, branding and decor, temporary displays, anything you need! Having signs inside your restaurant benefits both, customer and employees. A restaurant needs a variety of signs to allow daily operations to run smoothly and establish health code regulations.

Indoors restaurant signage includes menus, public health notices, designating areas where alcohol is served, smoking areas, restroom signs, emergency exits, etc. Signs are often overlooked in restaurants, but they are critical not just for a functional business, but one that follows all the required bylaws and health codes.

Interior signage helps communicate the brand promise, helping set the expectations and the overall client experience.


It’s important to make the signage cohesive with your restaurant’s concept and looks. You need designs that’ll support your interior design. Luckily, the choices are endless and we’re experts in developing signage that can effectively communicate a brand’s promise without dominating too much space.

You’re experts in cooking up mouth-watering food, but when it comes to signage for your business, it’s a little more complicated. If you don’t know where to start, we´re here to help! We offer affordable pricing and fast turnaround. If you’re looking for an experienced and easy-to-work-with Sign Company, contact us! Let us turn your vision into reality!