Building Signs

Effective building signage is the key for maximizing the potential of your location and company brand. Increase visibility outside your building and improve visitor and employee experience inside by using the right mix of visual communications tools. The right signage campaign will help bring your company’s look to life and attract new customers, turning your building into a landmark. Make your brand stand out!

Many businesses need their signage built to meet their unique requirements. We can fabricate signage in steel, aluminium, acrylic and other materials. Anything you need! Our experienced team of designers have the skills to draft custom signage plans from scratch, but we are equally comfortable fabricating signage from your supplied specifications and material.

Outdoor signs are crucial for your business. What do you want to say about your company? Do you want to eclipse your competition? Do you want to be a leader in your niche? We know how to make the perfect signage solutions! Just tell us what you have in mind! What’s your vision? What do you need?

Building signs are one of the most commonly used types of branding. We manufacture, install and maintain every type of signage to suit both external and internal building usages. There are a variety of signs that get attached to the exterior of a building to attract customers and promote your brand: channel letters, fascia signs, and dimensional letters.

Casanova Signs offer a vast range of solutions for interior and exterior signage, this includes: fabricated 3D lettering, light boxes, open channel letters and closed channel letters both illuminated and non-illuminated, etc.

 The building in which your business is housed is an ideal potential advertising medium (commercial, industrial, or retail buildings often has large, uninterrupted space available to exploit for advertising purposes). Your biggest impact advertising opportunity is right in front of you!

We warranty high exposure, reasonable initial cost and long term duration for your building signage. Consider this is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising available. Contact us as soon as possible and let us help your business!