Healthcare Signs

Effective signage in every healthcare facilitie is critical. It’s because Hospitals and medical centers are commonly large that visitors need the help of signage to find their way through the facility. Visitors, whether they are patients or visiting someone are usually anxious and concerned about quickly finding their way to a specific destination. When your facility’s signage systems works correctly, you can provide these visitors with peace of mind.

Putting the right information in the right places help visitors navigate easily through confusing environments. Healthcare signs contribute to a sense of well-being, safety, security and give a particular value to hospitals and medical centers where it’s easy to become lost or disoriented.

Effective interior wayfinding signs will help your visitors find their way and free your staff of constant interruptions. No matter what type of healthcare signage you need for your hospital or medical center, we can help you.

Healthcare Signage Promotes Patient Safety

Use healthcare signs to inform patients, staff and visitors about important information. Enhance safety by decreasing the likelihood of communication errors. Your facility should include: patient care signs, patient communication boards, safety clings, posters, etc.

Help People Easily Navigate Your Facility

Navigating hospitals and health systems can be challenging for patients, visitors and new employees. We have wide variety of healthcare signage solutions, like: wayfinding signs, ADA compliant signs, parking signs, foam boards, etc.

Increase Brand Recognition

Increase the visibility and reputation of your brand with indoor and outdoor hospital signage. Showcase your logo and highlight your messages with: LED Lighted Signs, banners, posters and foam boards.

Signage in Healthcare has a huge impact in today’s customers because they have infinite healthcare options available and their overall experience with your hospital brand will influence future healthcare decisions and recommendations. Clear, consistently branded signage plays a key role in conveying a hospital’s professionalism, organization, and concern for patient needs.

Last but not least, we understand the need for a cohesive brand. We’re aware of how hospital function and flow, that’s why we understand the emotional tone hospitals want to set. We create signage that adds to the sense of professionalism, calm, and caring people look for in a healthcare facility. We’re experts in all of the above, including personalized solutions for each type of client. If you’re not sure where to start and you need guidance in the correct signage design and placement, Casanova Signs is what you’re looking for. Contact us! Let us help you!