Fitness Center Signs

Fitness Signs contribute to your advertising for your health and fitness center, gym or sports club facility. Strengthen your communication with gym and locker room signs, weight room posters and more. We’re the right source for custom affordable signage that attracts new potential members and enhances the satisfaction and safety of your facility’s current clientele. We’re experts in alerting prospects to your location through the perfect signing strategy, you can rely on us and our vast signing solutions, we can design and place custom gym posters, weight room signs and gym safety signs as well as signage that directs people to the reception desk, lockers or other areas in your facility.

Signage in a fitness center has several roles, they aren’t just for show. Warning, policy/procedure announcements and directional signs are important to the safety of fitness center clients and protecting your business and staff. You can properly communicate with your clients through the signage you select. We work with health and fitness facilities, spas and gyms to create a range of interior and exterior signage products known for their functionality, aesthetic simplicity and user-friendly attributes that can be used individually, or as a base to build a complete signage and visual messaging program.

Warning signs serve as silent staff members, reminding clients of safety procedures and cautioning them of potential dangers. These can include warnings of wet floors in sauna/jacuzzi/pool/shower areas, improper use of equipment, and use of spotters in weight areas.

Policies & Procedures signs are usually posted at the front desk to issues of sanitation and courtesy throughout the facility: minimum age requirements of clients, policies for use of the locker rooms and showers, and use of equipment.

Special events and classes signs take place in fitness centers on a regular basis. These altert clients about the dates and details can be generated in-house by hand or computer and placed randomly, making sure they don’t interfere or distract from any safety or policy signs.

Directions signs denote exits, ADA-facilities and equipment, emergency exit plans, location of safety equipment (fire extinguishers, first aid kits, alarms, etc.)

Despite the best efforts of your staff, accidents and emergencies will occur and your facility should have to proper signing for any eventuality (emergency procedures, injuries, illnesses).

If you’re looking for a Sign Company able to cover all your Fitness Center needs through the appropriate sign design and placement, we’re the ones you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate in contacting us, we can truly help your business be safer and we’ll work hand in hand with you and your staff to turn your vision to reality.